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Another banker committed suicide, why?


Over the last two years too many people, bankers, committed suicide. And it looks like this tragic trend continues.

There was another suicide in New York City on Thursday. According to available information, an investment broker jumped from the 24th floor of the Ocean Luxury Apartment Building, where he lived. When he landed in the traffic below, he shocked people who witnessed this tragedy. However, it appears that people became so accustomed to such events, so many of them are surprised when something like this happens, but they are not too upset about it. The smashed body of this banker even inspired tourists on an open air bus to use their phones and take pictures of this event.

This was not the first attempt of Thomas J. Hughes to kill himself. His need for such a dramatic move is not clear. He was a highly educated, successful, and cheerful person. However, the police found drugs in his apartment. According to his father, he was under a lot of pressure because of his work. His father is also aware that people who work in the same branch as his son, very often turn to alcohol and drugs.

Hughes didn’t leave any note before he took his own life. It will always be unclear why someone who was as successful and young as he was, and who had just returned from a vacation in the Bahamas, decided to end his life. The reasons for his death, as well as for the deaths of other bankers, will always remain unexplained.

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