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Almost one million Bernie Sanders ballots illegally shredded

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A witness revealed that hundreds of thousands of California Democratic primary provisional ballots were illegally destroyed.

A consignment of boxes was delivered to the San Diego Registrar’s Office at 5600 Overland Ave in the morning and an “oversized shredding van” arrived minutes later and took the boxes away. The boxes were carried from the building to the vehicle by men she had never seen before wearing dark blue overalls.

“I asked my boss and a few other people what the boxes were about because as far as I knew we weren’t expecting a delivery and I got told that it was above top secret and I didn’t have clearance. Everyone was acting edgy then the truck drove off. Sad.”

“Everybody is talking about it.”

While there could be an innocent explanation for why a paper shredding truck was parked in front of the Registrar’s office after the Registrar received an “above top secret” consignment of boxes at a time when there are almost a million provisional ballots unaccounted for, the insider believes they were provisional ballots that have now been destroyed.

Let’s look at the math.  Alex Padilla California’s Secretary of State publicly said:

“6 million ballots had already been counted from the statewide primary. The uncounted tally would push total voter turn out to about 8.5 Million, or 47% of all registered voters.”

This comes directly from the horse’s mouth. Let’s break this down further, using figures from the official count:

June 7th: before any late mail in ballots or any provisional ballots were counted Hillary had 1,940,580 and Bernie had 1,502,043.  That equals 3,442,623 votes in the official count.

So why did Alex Padilla say six million ballots had already been counted when the total was closer to 3.5 Million?

As of today (July 3rd) Hillary 2,713,259 and Bernie 2,326,030 according to the official count. That equals 5,039,289 Votes.

This is a total increase of 1,596,666.

The report can be viewed HERE.

Even if you add in the remaining 287,782 ballots still to be counted, plus the REP votes of 2,188,201 plus IND of 41,508, plus the Green of 14,189 plus the LIB of 29,551 plus the P&F of 4,929 – you come up with 7,605,449. Where are the rest of the votes?

Greg Palast, an independent journalist who exposed purges of voter rolls in George W. Bush-era Florida, lent his voice to the argument in an article late last month titled “How Bernie won California.” His evidence was the number of provisional ballots – cast by people who did not appear on the rolls, with the promise that their vote would be counted later – and the difficulty that voters with “no party preference” had in casting the right ballots.

“I can tell you this: Senator Sanders won California,” Palast said. “Let me do the math for you. Most of those late mailed-in ballots were what are called NPP, No Party Preference. These independent ballots were the ones that came in late because people had to switch their ballots. It’s a complex process, in California, that’s all I can tell you. The late ballots are Sanders ballots.”


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