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ALL KIM’S EXECUTIONS – Shoots at victims from the cannon and feeds them to angry dogs


The most recent Kim’s monstrous execution is the one of the North Korea’s Defense Minister, who was punished for falling asleep in the presence of the dictator.

The North Korean leader killed three or four very close people without remorse in the last two years. His inspiration for these brutal executions of “betrayers” comes from the Hollywood B production. He is a big fan of these movies, but at the same time he forbids his people to watch movies and series from the West.

Uncle Jang Song-thaek: Fed to dogs

Kim’s uncle was declared “betrayer” because he allegedly created anti-state factions. He was also charged with gambling, drugs, and numerous extramarital affairs. After a very short process in a martial court, the second man of North Korea was undressed and fed to a pack of rabid dogs.

Aunt Kim Kyong-hui: Poisoned

The aunt of one of the most brutal modern dictators managed to keep a high state role in the weeks after the murder of her husband. However, she stopped showing up in public, so the rumors about her execution started. A man who escaped from North Korea last week said that Kim Kyong-hui was poisoned.

Defense Minister Hyon Yong-chol: Shot from the cannon

The most recent example of bizarre and monstrous scenarios used by Kim Jong-un is the execution of North Korea’s Defense Minister. Hyon Yong-chol was sentenced to death because he allegedly fell asleep during an event attended by Kim. The minister was killed in front of hundreds of observers, using anti-aircraft fire.

Former mistress Hyon Song-wol: Executed by firing squad

The singer and former mistress of the leader of North Korea was shot together with about ten members of the orchestra she was performing with. She was accused of violating the law against pornography, and a video showing her fully dressed served as a proof. The murder was ordered by Kim Jong-un personally, as his wife Ri Sol-ju desired.

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