Wind energy is rapidly taking over in the Netherlands, while other nations also work toward increasing their renewable energy production.

Back in August, Scotland reported that its wind farms were able to produce 106 percent of the country’s entire energy needs. Scotland has plans to be 100 percent zero-carbon by 2020.

They are also investing in tidal power generation to help achieve that goal.

The United States is also making strides in its wind power generation.

According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), there are more than 48,800 turbines operating in the United States, allowing for a total installed wind capacity of 73,992 MW in 2015. While this dwarfs the number of turbines in other countries, the energy demand of such a large nation is significantly higher.

We are in the midst of a clean energy revolution. Some studies even suggest that countries as large as the United States could be completely powered by renewable energy by 2050.