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After Comey clears Clinton for 2nd time, Trump drops truth bomb: ‘System is rigged’


Donald Trump firmly believes that the entire system is rigged. He gave a speech after it was announced that Hillary Clinton was cleared for the second time of all accusations.

And he made the most truthful observation in a speech to supporters: Comey’s second pass of Clinton’s clear violations of the law proves the system in the cesspool known as Washington, D.C., is “rigged.”

“You have to understand, it’s a rigged system and she’s protected,” Trump said to chants of “Lock her up!” from the crowd.

“General [James E.] Cartwright’s not protected…four star general…could go to jail for up to five years, two weeks ago,” Trump said, referencing a Justice Department case against the retired former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who faces a felony conviction for mishandling classified information.

Trump also noted that retired four-star Gen. David Petraeus, once head of the CIA, was also prosecuted by Obama’s Justice Department for mishandling classified information.

Neither of their cases, however, rise near to the level of classified information that Comey himself has said Clinton did.

“So many other people weren’t protected,” Trump continued. “She’s protected by a rigged system,” and shouldn’t even be allowed to run for president, he added.

Trump also noted, as he has done frequently in recent days, that his Contract with the American Voter includes a 6-step pledge to clear out the corruption in the federal government, among other promises.

The Comey announcement finally spurred some Republicans ‘troubled’ by the prospect of a Trump presidency to come to his defense and, in the case of House Speaker Paul Ryan encouraged Americans to back the New York billionaire.

In a statement, Ryan made it clear that he thought Clinton’s actions with her unprotected personal server, which the FBI said it was 99 percent sure it was hacked several times by foreign governments, resulted in several violations of federal laws governing the handling of national security, and has put the country at risk.

Ryan said it is obvious that Clinton believes she is above the law (which is understandable, since no one will hold her accountable for what she does), a pattern that is inherent with both Clintons.

“Fortunately, the American people have the opportunity to ensure that Secretary Clinton never gets her hands on classified information again,” he said. “Let’s bring the Clinton era to an end by voting for Donald Trump on Tuesday.”

Trump has made inroads into the electorate since he began his campaign last summer using truth bombs – saying not only whatever he wants but what needs to be said and what Americans have been waiting for their political leaders to say about a range of problems the country faces.

He nailed it again Sunday: Indeed, as Comey, Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Barack Obama have proven time and again, the American political system is broken, rigged, bought-and-paid-for and completely aligned against the people.


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