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After Brussels Ministers demand European Patriot Act

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Terror attack in Brussels is just one of many that happened recently. Radicalised members of Islam are behind these attacks. In order to be able to protect their countries, European ministers are calling for the Patriot Act.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said that security across Europe needs tightening up and intelligence agencies, police, and the military need to be given more power to combat terrorism.

He repeated his demands on the ARD “Tagesthemen” news programme: “There are too many holes on the external borders of the Schengen area. We need registers for incoming and outgoing travel in the Schengen area.” He then added, “Data protection is all well and good, but in times of crises like these, security takes precedence.” According to de Maizière, Europe faces a common threat, therefore a common struggle against terrorism is now necessary.

The leader of the conservative European People’s Party grouping in the European Parliament, Manfred Weber of Germany’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) pleaded for a re-organisation of European security architecture. “No state alone can solve this challenge”, he told Die Welt on Thursday. There must be “an end to national egoism, with looking away and accusations”.

The offensive by Christian Democratic politicians is being fully supported by the Social Democratic Party (SPD). For example, in the Mitteldeutsche ZeitungSPD parliamentary deputy Burkhard Lischka called the “lack of networking by the security authorities at a European level” the “greatest open flank at European level, which should be closed as rapidly as possible.” His demand: “We need better data exchange between ourselves, and a European Terrorist Defence Centre.”

The German government’s anti-terrorism plans, which were discussed at a special summit of EU interior ministers in Brussels on Thursday, are an attack on elementary constitutional and legal norms. They abrogate the separation of the police and the secret services, which was anchored in the post-war German constitution following the terrible experiences of the Nazi dictatorship, and establish the foundations for a European police apparatus under German leadership.

The Left Party and the Greens support this course of action and if their representatives criticise the government, as a rule it comes from the right.

The claim that terrorist attacks can be “solved” or even prevented by increasing the powers of the German and European security authorities is pure propaganda. According to a report by the Israeli newspaper Ha ’ aretz on Wednesday, it was “highly probable” that “not only the perpetrators in Brussels but also their targets” were “known to the Belgian and other European secret services”.

The first response by the WSWS to the Brussels terror attacks warned: “Despite the horrifying character of the Brussels attacks, it is essential that people not allow themselves to be stampeded into new wars and police state measures by the propaganda of the media and a thoroughly degraded political establishment.”

Everything bourgeois politicians say about the terrorist violence is hypocritical and misleading. The series of attacks by IS in Europe—from those at Charlie Hebdo and the November 13 events in Paris last year up to this week’s bombings in Brussels—cannot be separated from the decades of wars and military interventions, which have destroyed vast tracts of the Middle East and destabilised the rest.


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