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A robot solved King’s Wise Men puzzle

Male robot thinking about something.

King’s Wise Men puzzle is used for testing the self-awareness. A robot in New York has successfully passed this test.

This logic puzzle is about a King who wants to name a new advisor. In order to decide which one to pick, he placed three hats on the heads of three advisors. They could see the color of other advisors’ hats, but not their own. The king said that at least one of them has a blue hat. The first one who correctly stated the color of his hat would become a king’s advisor.

So, this test was conducted on three robots. This test was conducted at the Ransselaer Polytechnic Institute. Two robots were told that they are unable to speak due to the dumbing pill which they’ve been given. They had to solve which one of them still had the ability to talk.

The initial response of all three robots was that they did not know the answer. After one robot made a noise, he after exclaimed that he knew the answer.

The purpose of such testing is to increase the number of abilities robots can perform in order to become useful to humans.

According to John Sullins, who is a philosopher of technology at Sonoma State University, the researchers took the right approach. This approach means that they construct a robot to solve a particular philosophical problem.

We don’t know whether robots will ever achieve the form of human consciousness. However, they can obviously perform powerful things.


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