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A new law allows Japanese soldiers to fight abroad


Japanese soldiers now have permission to fight abroad. The last time they fought abroad was during the World War II.

Even though it met strong opposition, a newly passed law enables Japanese soldiers to fight abroad.

The discussion about this law even escalated into shouting matches between parliament members.

Based on the conducted surveys, the public is also against this law. The public even protested on the streets. The protests were organized in front of the parliament in Tokyo.

The main argument of those against this law is that Japan could easily become involved in the US-led wars.

However, Shinzo Abe’s ruling coalition described this move as a normalization of Japan’s military posture.

On Friday, hundreds gathered again outside the parliament in Tokyo.

Opponents argue that the new law, which would allow the tightly restricted military to fight in defense of allies, violates Japan’s constitution, and could drag the country into the US-led wars.

Abe wants what he calls a normalization of Japan’s military posture, which has been restricted to narrowly defined self-defense and aid missions by a pacifist constitution imposed by the US after World War II.



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