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A new economic crisis is coming


It looks like a new international economic crisis is coming. At least, that is what international financial experts are saying. They warn that a significant amount of money has not been used the right way, so it is going to be difficult to avoid consequences.

This is why the experts are advising governments to make an effort and put the granting of loans under control.

Matthew Blake, the head of the Banking and Capital Markets Industry at the World Economic Forum, wrote a paper where he brings attention to the fact that despite the help of central banks, problems in the financial markets remained.

During an interview with DWN, he mentioned that it is very important that everyone is aware of the possible risks, and that resolution of this problem should be taken seriously.

It is unknown which geographical regions are in the gravest financial danger, but Blake pointed out that the financial instability may come from the real estate market and shadow banks.

So, simply said, in the case of the US and Europe, the best solution is control. If the world leaders take control over the capital flow, they will prevent financial imbalances. Political circles must define a course of actions if the new crisis happens. Everyone should be prepared.

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