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A change of mind at the last minute saved their lives


The recent crash of a Russian plane has devastated people around the world. Based on the latest report, 16 passengers changed their mind at the last moment and decided not to take this flight.

The decision these passengers made has saved their lives. Sadly, 224 people did not survive this flight.

Ekaterina Gyunninen canceled her flight because the other flight to Moscow was a lot cheaper. Prior to her flight, she heard the news about the disaster and was shocked because she was supposed to be on that flight.

Flight 9268 from Sharm el-Sheikh to St Petersburg experienced some troubles 23 minutes after the takeoff. The pilot stated over the radio that he is experiencing certain difficulties and that he plans to conduct an emergency landing.

Soon after, air traffic controllers lost the contact with the plane.

The airline stated that the plane was in good condition before the takeoff. According to deputy general director of the airline Alexander Smirnov, the external impact could be the cause of the crash.

However, Wilayat Sinai took the responsibility for the plane crash. The terrorist group said it was an act of revenge for all Muslims killed during Russian attacks in Syria.

Investigators still cannot confirm claims that external factor in the form of a missile strike or explosion is responsible for the crash.

Essential information about what had happened will be revealed by black boxes from the Airbus A321.


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