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Women are still killed for their practice of witchcraft


Villagers in India killed 5 women because they believed they were witches. Unfortunate women were beaten to death. The villagers believed that these women caused a number of misfortunes in the area.

It has been reported that women were forcefully taken out of their residencies and beaten to death by sticks and rods. It all happened in Kinjia village.

Among other things, villagers blamed them for the death of an infant in Kinjia. They are convinced that their practice of witchcraft is responsible for every bad thing that happened recently.

50 people were arrested so far. They were all involved in this vicious attack.

Chief Minister Raghubar Das stated that such crime is sorrowful in the modern age.

Stories of witchcraft and the occult still exist in some areas of India which are quite remote and impoverished.

Women are still being punished for practicing witchcraft by burning them alive, stripping naked or taking them away from their homes and killing them.

63-year-old woman was dismembered and beheaded by villagers because they believed she used evil spells on the village.

Based on the data from India’s National Crime Records Bureau, 2,100 were killed between 2000 and 2012 because it was believed that they were practicing witchcraft.

Jharkhand is one of a few Indian states which have special laws that are used to stop crimes against people accused of witchcraft.


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