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Indian farmers plan to commit suicide because they lost everything

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If Indian government fails to compensate farmers for land lost to the construction of the Gokul Barrage, more than 25,000 farmers in India will hang themselves or commit self-immolation on August 15.

Farmers requested president’s permission to do so because they lost everything.

Even after 17 years, the government didn’t compensate farmers for their land.

It seems that the government wants to stop this collective suicide and they are ready to pay four times extra compensation to the farmers.

Based on some reports, Allahabad High Court will pass the decision in days ahead. However, only 30 farmers have been identified as worthy of compensation.

Even though it is quite disturbing, farmer suicides are common in India. Since the beginning of the year, 40 suicides have been documented in Mathura. Drought and other disastrous weather conditions are the reason behind thousands of farmer suicides in the previous decades.


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