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Yellow Emperor of China – An Ancient Alien?


The Yellow Emperor of Ancient China was a legendary hero. He is known for numerous great deeds, like teaching men to write and to practice medicine. However, what is fascinating is that there are ancient texts and scrolls that propose he was not, indeed, a human being, but an alien from a distant and unknown star system.

Throughout human history, the ruling class has done its best to ingrain and reinforce one idea- that being a king, a ruler, an emperor, is a position determined and blessed by the gods. All ancient dynasties of both monarchs and aristocrats claimed that the very first member of their line was of divine descent.

They justified their own reign by considering themselves demigods. The idea of the king coming down from the heavens and assisting normal mortals has been a staple in many cultures. This leads us to wonder whether extraterrestrial beings had a hand in ancient human politics and assisting human monarchs to get where they were.

Huang-Di, the Yellow Emperor, lived in the third millennium BC and it is believed that he had ruled for over 100 years. The creation of wooden houses, the bow and arrow, boats, writing, carts and even Chinese medicine are said to come from him and his ideas. It is also believed that he was the first to mint coins and to create an administrative system.

Embodying both insight and wisdom, the yellow emperor was also a patron of the arts and was considered a cosmic emperor. The time of his reign was considered the golden age.

It was said that he possessed great knowledge of astronomy and even had fascinating technology, such as a cauldron which he could use to summon a dragon. This dragon was described as having scales made from metal and was summoned by having Huang-Di point the cauldron at the star known as Xuanyuan. This star has been identified as Alpha Leonis. This same cauldron was able to store energy and in it one could see images of dragons flying through some strange sky.

Another captivating item having a place with the Yellow Emperor was his mystical chariot, called Changhuan. It was a chariot with which he traveled with great speed from one side of his empire to the other. However, if one would climb into this chariot without the Emperors permission, he would travel at the same great speed, but would emerge as an old man. This effect greatly resembles the effect of time dilation which is caused by faster than light travel.

Some say that after his 100 year rule finished, Huang-Di summoned his metallic beast and climbed upwards, to the sky, towards heaven.  While this can be understood as a metaphor for death, we can also look at as an alien climbing aboard his flying machine and going back home.

It is important to note that Alpha Leonis was seen as a central star system in the old, ancient times, before Christ. The people of Babylon named it Sharru (The King), while in India it bore the name Magha –the Mighty. Thousands of years ago, ancient Persian astronomers believed that Alpha Leonis, or Regulus, was one of the four „royal stars“and named  it Miyan, meaning, The Center.

It is expected that Huang-Di be glorified in such way. Indeed, he was the originator of Chinese culture. But was he actually human or not? He incorporated strange ideas that have never been heard of before him and the technology he used sounds far too advanced for someone coming from the time that he lived in.

It is said that he was actually born from the Xuanyuan star and that this birth was followed by a thunderclap on a clear day. His metallic dragon might have been an alien ship and the clap, a sonic boom. We can only wonder whether extraterrestrials are responsible for one of the most mystical and fascinating characters of ancient Chinese myths.

Huang-Di’s star has always been fascinating towards ancient peoples. It just may have been the birthplace of many of humanities greatest heroes, leading to the creation of Gilgamesh, Osiris, Quetzalcoatl and many many more.


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