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World would suffer an ICE AGE if even a small asteroid crashes into Earth


Scientists believe that a mini ice age will be triggered if an asteroid crashed into our planet.

This could lead to famine as plants and crops would struggle to bloom, which in turn would allow disease to flourish.

The impact would create a nine mile wide crater and the planet would feel the effects for up to 10 years as the soot thrown up into the atmosphere could block the sunlight, making the Earth darker and colder.

Additionally, the top layer of the ocean would become 0.5 degrees celsius cooler for up to 15 years, wreaking havoc on the marine ecosystem.

Furthermore, the amount of rainfall would be reduced by 50 per cent.

Charles Bardeen explains that “this is due to the lost heating and the lost temperature, so we lose convection; we don’t have as many [weather] fronts.”

However, for all of this to occur, the asteroid would have to hit landmass – as opposed to the ocean.

Bardeen says: “The temperature effects, the precipitation effects, the effects on plants — those would all really only come with the land impact.”


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