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Witnesses in shock as massive UFO event unfolds over US town

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The idea of not being alone in the universe cannot be ignored as there are loads of information every day on the topic of UFO, aliens and extraterrestrial life.

Even though the possibility of not being alone in the universe seems to be supported by all this UFO information, people are still divided into believers and non-believers. Some believe that aliens had already contacted us, others agree that aliens are somewhere in the vast space and that we are far from their reach.

If you fall into the first group of people, you probably believe that alien invasion is indisputable and that they already made themselves visible to us. Even though there are numerous claims and witnesses of alien visitations, it still makes you wonder.

Description of a UFO sighting often involves glowing beam of light. As this light becomes more and more radiant, the UFO slowly descends and at some point discharges several bright orbs. Afterwards, five unusual dots hover above a quiet US community.

Among those who witnessed such unusual sighting is always someone with a camera who decided to film it and share it withthe world. Sometimes, there are even audible screams in the background.

As the orbs of light can be seen hovering in the midair, the one in the middle abruptly goes out while other change their colors.  Suddenly, a few orbs light up and become brighter. The person behind the camera captures this change while the orbs of light slowly vanish. However, there are still three UFOs visible. Shortly after, the orbs suddenly become brighter and then they also dissolve into thin air.

Is there a possibility that such unusual sighting is the proof of alien invasion? Or, could there be a different logical explanation. All possibilities should be explored.

According to a discussion on Reddit, the majority of people supported the theory of a group of skydivers descending with their flashes lit up. Even though people agreed to such theory, it still leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Is it really possible that a group of skydivers jumped together, then changed into a symmetrical formation until they halted midair? What about the changing lights?

Another question is – why would they do that? The only logical explanation could be that they were intentionally trying to deceive the public to believe that it was an alien invasion.

There are other cues that can be observed in the video. For example, the trail left behind by a plane and even other visible lights which could be another evidence of aliens.

According to UFO community, such sighting is not unfamiliar to them. Several visible characteristics are typical for a UFO encounter. Orb UFOs are known for their swift movements, changes in brightness, switching colors and transforming and multiplying.

The purpose of an orb UFO is to observe the activity of our populated communities, no matter the size or location. They are often seen at night as they perform their maneuvers above isolated villages and overly populated cities.

Doctor Ruehl has decided to shed the light on such mysterious signings. According to him, these alleged UFO sightings are just ageless plasmatic entities that are passing through dimensions. As they move into our world, they look like bright spheres but that is just how we perceive them as they are shielded by a circular energy.

Still, all the accounts on orb UFOs sightings cannot be ignored. It could even be that out military and governments are aware that these visitations do happen. However, they do not possess the proper technology which would enable them to make a contact with advanced aliens.

Maybe one day we will be able to contact these otherworldly beings. In the meantime, we should not ignore the fact that a UFO phenomenon is not just something we see in science fiction movies.

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