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The next mass extinction could be the end of humanity!


Scientists have concluded that people might not survive a mass extinction. People will be extinct like any other species.

It doesn’t matter if the species are widespread or not, the same applies to all species.

Fossil records of vertebrates from the Triassic and Jurassic periods were examined by a team of scientists. They concluded that changes are present in overall biodiversity and that the rise of dinosaurs was influenced by the extinction of many groups of crocodile-like animals.

Crocodiles were widespread and became extinct during the mass extinction event, while dinosaurs were rare and they managed to overpass extinction and survive and become dominant in the following 150 million years.

Mass extinctions seem to allow less populous species to become dominant.

Scientists Alex Dunhill stated that the sixth mass extinction caused by humans will impact all organisms, not just currently endangered and geographically restricted species.

Other scientist Matthew Wills added that mass extinctions change the order of things and thus new species become dominant. When dinosaurs became extinct, mammals became dominant and afterwards humans.

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