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NASA plans to use nuclear weapons on potentially dangerous asteroids


NASA is working on ways to destroy potentially dangerous asteroids. It seems that nuclear technology will be utilized for such purpose.

The idea is to either destroy them or change their course by using nuclear weapons. However, as NASA announced that the Earth is not threatened by potentially dangerous asteroids, it seems that such research would be a waste of resources. On the other hand, they could be hiding something from the public.

NASA plans to do this with the National Nuclear Security Administration because both agencies are interested in this matter. Both of them have studied this on their own.

However, it is believed that in case an asteroid is nuked, it could cause a range of other issues.

Rock fragments of a destroyed asteroid could also be the cause of a problem.

The best solution would be to use a technology which would drive the asteroid in a different course.

Based on a study conducted by NASA in 2007, it seems that nuclear weapons are the best solution for dangerous asteroids.

NASA has presented a hypothetical asteroid impact scenario during a Planetary Defense Conference in Italy in April 2015.

Even though NASA made an official statement that there won’t be any collisions with the Earth in the future, the truth is that there are millions of objects near the Earth. They are all potential danger to our planet. And only a small portion of them can be identified.

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