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Who is your guardian angel and what does he have to say to you?


Who is your guardian angel?

Angels are common in all major monotheistic religions. They are represented as spiritual, supernatural and subtle beings. Believers of all religions ask them for help and protection.

There are seven archangels in the Catholic religion and the first three of them are the most powerful:  Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Jegudiel, Selaphiel i Barachiel. The Orthodox religion has seven archangels as well: Michael, angel of victory and judgment; Gavril, herald of God’s secrets; Raphael, the comforter of the sorrowful and the healer of the sick; Uriel, illuminator of non-believers; Selaphiel, the angel of prayer, Jegudiel, the angel who takes care of heavenly reward for believers; and Barachiel, the angel who brings God’s blessing.

However, the ancient esoteric lists mention nine allegations of angels, mixing both Judaic and Kabbalistic sources. These are: Ariel, Chamuel, Gabriel, Haniel, Jophiel, Metatron, Michael, Raphael, Uriel.

In the Vedas and Hinduism, the angels are in fact subtle beings from the higher planetary systems (semi-gods, Gandharva, Kinnari, …). They are a lot more sophisticated, more spiritual and more powerful than humans.

Numerology advises you to find out which one is your guardian angel and ask him for help whenever you need it. For this purpose, it is necessary to calculate your name with the help of numbers. Each letter is linked to a number:

A, J, S = 1

B, K, T = 2

C, L, U = 3

D, M, V = 4

E, N, W = 5

F, O, X = 6

G, P, Y = 7

H, Q, Z = 8

I, R = 9

Write down your name and associate each letter of your name with corresponding number. Add together those numbers to get your total name number. If your name number contains multiple digits, add them together one more time. Repeat adding until you get single digit number. After that, find out who is your guardian angel and what he has to say to you!

Angel number 1: Ariel

This angel helps all living and existing beings, but to you, he is your personal helper. You can get in touch with your angel by getting outside and engaging with nature. Nature is very close to him. His messages to you usually advise you to do something for the environment and to help preserving the purity of nature. Your devotion to the nature conservation and protection of animals gives joy to your angel.

Ariel says that you should not think too much about danger lurking around you. You should think about danger coming from inside of you.


Angel number 2: Chamuel

Chamuel is an angel of inner peace. You are blessed if he is your guardian. Whatever happens to you or around you, you will always feel that you are the Lord’s child because of him. Nothing happens accidentally with this angel. Even in the most difficult life situations he will help you to see the light at the end of the tunnel, he will speak to you through your dreams and this is how you will be able to keep your faith.

The secret purpose of prayer… Chamuel brings light into the darkness – that is his job. He is the faith itself, he sends his love wherever it is the most needed. Through this angel, you can become a helper as well. Use your charisma to spread peace wherever you go.

His message to you: Never doubt yourself!

Angel number 3: Gabriel

Gabriel is an angel of the great power. He gives you support to accept yourself, your inner power and love, and to be the one who has power over choosing his own destiny. You will probably do some great deeds in your life and your angel will be there to help you keep your balance.

Use pieces of copper jewelry to enhance communication between you and your angel.

Angel number 4: Haniel

The angel of acceptance, Haniel, has exceptional sensitivity to providing small but miraculous help. If he is your helper, that means he saw your capability to feel the change in cosmic vibrations. You can perceive any mood and rhythm of life, and with the help of your angel, you can influence on your environment. If you can communicate with Haniel succesfully, it’s the same as if you took an effective drug. You will have the feeling that your soul can fly.

He whispers to you: Your sensitivity is your blessing, not a curse, so don’t take it the wrong way!

Angel number 5: Jophiel

Prudence and patience are the most important to experience the wonder of Jophiel. If you are in a hurry, you won’t have enough time to perceive everything in his rhythm and you won’t be able to feel his help easily. You can invoke him during meditation because he doesn’t care if you are ready to accept him. As soon as you have established communication with him, he will show you the way leading ahead. He will tell you that unattainable desires won’t be unattainable if you approach everything with tranquility.

His message: Don’t rush, enjoy in every moment of life that has been given to you!

Angel number 6: Metatron

Metatron helps noticing important things in life. According to legend, once upon a time he lived on earth and became God’s helper after his death. As an angel, he primarily helps you develop your ability to precisely and systematically move forward in life. Thanks to him you will be able to see things serving to the dark side, and to notice when dark forces try to turn you off of your path. You came to this world with a mission, just like everybody else.

Message from your angel: Always stay focused on precious things!

Angel number 7: Michael

He is the sword against the darkness. No angel is happy if he cannot save God’s children. But he is not always so frightening. Sometimes he is light that gives you the strength, especially to those of you whose angel name numbers correspond with his spirituality. One thing is sure, with his help, no terrifying or dark thing can be an obstacle to you. You can establish contact with your angel once you replace your fears with the firm faith in God and your predestined mission.

Angel number 8: Rafael

Your guardian angel is a heavenly healer who helps you overcome physical troubles and blesses you. Through him, you are able to contribute to the well-being of your environment. People with name number 8 possess healing powers. Sure, not all of them can be responsible for someone’s physical and mental health, but they have to keep their balance and fulfill their life obligations.

This is why Rafael has a message for you: Pay attention to the messages from your organism. Eat healthy, be a vegetarian in order not to kill any living being, engage in physical activities as much as you can!

Angel number 9: Uriel

Uriel’s name means God’s inspiration. If he is your guardian and if you think about anything life-related, just strongly thinking of your guardian angel is going to be enough to invoke his answer. It is enough to light just one candle, close your eyes and you will see pictures carrying his message. When it looks like there is no way out, when you feel trapped by your obligations, ask for Uriel’s help and he will lead you to God, to your spiritual center.

His message is: Never fear because no matter what kind of darkness is around you, I will lead you towards light!

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