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Who is hiding the truth and why: Ice in Antarctica is not reducing but growing

Zachariae Isstrom

The amount of ice has been reducing and growing at the same time in Antarctica. It was revealed by NASA that the extent of ice has reached the 22nd lowest and the 16th highest.

The satellite measurements of the amount of ice began 37 years ago. According to a study of the Antarctic from space, it appears that more new ice was formed than it was actually lost.

It was even measured that the amount of sea ice increased a lot during the first half of 2015. This trend stopped and even went below typical levels during August.

The maximum extent of ice was recorded in 2014. This year’s maximum is lower than that amount.

The sea ice around the Antarctica is heavily influenced by a natural phenomenon known as El Niño event.

The El Niño causes the surface of water to increase in temperature in the Amundsen, Bellingshausen and Weddell seas in west Antarctica. The increase in water temperature has an effect on the distribution of sea ice.

A sea ice scientist Walt Meier revealed that this year marks a return to normal amount of the Antarctic sea ice.

However, it was revealed that one of glaciers in Greenland has started to change rapidly. The glacier in question is known as Zachariae Isstrom. This glacier is reducing in size by five billion tons every year. If this trend continues, it will raise global sea level by more than 18 inches, if it disappears completely.

This change of glaciers is documented in a study done by NASA.  It was also revealed that glaciers in North Greenland are changing swiftly.

According to Mr Mouginot, warmer sea water and warmer air temperatures are responsible for rapid melting of glaciers.

The future prediction of this trend will be based on further oceanographic observations in this area.

Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden is another glacier with the meltdown that threatens to raise the global sea level.

If both glaciers were to melt completely, the global sea levels would increase by more than 39 inches.

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  • Isolated occurrences are not the issue. The average global temperature is the issue. Climate scientists have long said there will be instances of unusually cold weather along with hot simmers and even the occasional cool summer.

    Again, it is the average global temperature that is the issue. Nor is it at all certain that human intervention is the major or even partial cause of the warming trend. Climate science is far more complex than most people can even imagine. That’s why isolated instances are not relevant. Only long-term trends are important. The sea levels are rising. Glaciers and ice packs are melting more than they are increasing. Focusing on only what you want to believe is a sign of intolerance and intentional ignorance.

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