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What will be found deep inside crater left by asteroid which wiped out the dinosaurs?

chicxulub crater

According to one of the many theories on dinosaur mass extinction, it is believed that a meteor caused it.

Further research of the giant crater will provide needed pieces of information.

It is the first time geologists will have excavated the “peak ring” at the heart of the Chicxulub crater in Mexico since it hit Earth 65million years ago, wiping out around 75 per cent of life on the planet, including most land-living dinosaurs, and anything over 25kg in weight.

The vast crater, made by an asteroid which hit the Yucatan Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico half on land and half in the sea, was found in 1978.

Most drilling there has so far been carried out by Mexican oil firms seeking black gold.

In April and May 2016 a team of specialists will drill 5,000 feet into what is called the “peak ring” in the hope they can learn more about why the impact was so catastrophic and whether new life forms were triggered from within the sterile crater.

They will be looking for signs of fossils of creatures which formed after the impact and were covered by the sediment which now fills the crater.

The team will assess how quickly life returned to the area, which species arrived first, and if they included any exotic life forms.

It is thought there may have once been oceans across Mars and early forms of life, but a catastrophic event wiped everything out, including ejecting the Red Planet’s atmosphere into space, so it could no longer hold water on its surface as Earth does.

The project will also help assess the potential effects of any future impacts of asteroids or comets of varying sizes.

The peak ring was formed during impact, then it immediately fractured and was submerged in water.

Everything that was in the middle of the impact area would have been excavated and hurled across the world into the atmosphere, blocking out sunlight.


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