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Proof that people are surrounded by a field of a bioenergy


There are many mysterious and challenging stories which serve to prove that anything is possible. According to biochemist John Norman Hansen, he found proof that people are surrounded by a field of a bioenergy. What was once just a speculation in spiritual traditions, scientists have now proved.

The replicable results were produced by hundreds of experiments with dozens of subjects. Two other scientist including Willem H. van den Berg at the Johnson Research Center at the University of Pennsylvania and William van der Sluys at Gettysburg College have also replicated his results.

He decided to try a different approach instead of previously used photon sensors. He wanted to discover if a bioenergy field had enough strength to thrust a torsion pendulum. Torsion pendulum was hung over the subject’s head and he registered an obvious change in the pendulum’s momentum.

He also conducted experiments to dismiss effects of air currents and other artifacts. It was concluded that the effects are exerted by some kind of force field that is produced by the subject placed under the pendulum. It was noted that the only known force that can justify these results is within electromagnetic spectrum. Even though conventional justification of these results could be found, it can also be a phenomenon which will require the development of new theoretical concepts.

After the human subject was no longer seated under the pendulum, the effects continued for 30 to 60 minutes. This research also proved that mental state of a subject has a strong effect on the pendulum. Those who practiced meditation for years apply very different effects during a meditative state compared to a non-meditative state.

According to Van den Berg and van der Sluys who replicated this research, there is a possibility that change in air temperature from the heat radiated by a human head may cause convection currents. After they put a layer of plastic between head and pendulum they discovered that pendulum was no longer affected. The pendulum has stopped either because it was cut from mysterious bioenergy field, or because the heat source was blocked.

Hansen’s response to this theory stated that the layer of plastic worked as a shield. Thus, if the shield was placed between the subject and the pendulum, the pushing force would be opposed to the shield and the pendulum would answer to pushing force after pushing against the shield.

Fundamental principles of physics would be violated if the pushing force managed to pass through the shield and then push against the pendulum. Only one force can be used at a time, meaning that if it is utilized to push against the shield it cannot successively push against the pendulum.

Persistent aftereffects had to be taken into consideration, too. According to pendulum physics principle, if the pushing force is taken away, the pendulum will cease its motion and move to non-driven motion. If the subject left, any heated convection currents would disappear.

Van den Berg study did not take into account the varied frequencies with which the pendulum fluctuate in the company of a human subject. Only one frequency oscillates the pendulum in the absence of subject, whereas it oscillates with many new frequencies when the subject is present. Afterwards, it still continues to oscillate for about half an hour or more after the subject is no longer present.

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