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WE ARE BEING WATCHED: Scientists in shock, invisible alien entities are here on Earth


The scientists believe to have discovered a new life form that exists in Earth’s atmosphere. This discovery was made by a Thunder Energies Corporation.

The corporation is run by controversial Harvard-educated Italian-American nuclear physicist Dr Ruggero Santilli.

The nuclear physicist says the discovery was made using the Santilli Telescope he has developed to try to discover proof of theoretical anti-matter galaxies, anti-matter cosmic rays and anti-matter asteroids.

The research team even fears the previously unknown micro-lifeforms may be carrying out covert surveillance on Earth because of where they have been found.

His telescope is still pending a trade mark and patent, but Mr Santilli is convinced it has been able to pick up a life form which cannot be seen by the naked eye.

He said: “This is an exciting discovery. We do not know what these entities are, they’re completely invisible to our eyes, our binoculars, or traditional Galileo telescopes, but these objects are fully visible in cameras attached to our Santilli telescope.

He said: “The question of what those entities are must be answered by our government because these entities appear to be conducting unauthorised surveillance of rather sensitive civil, industrial and military installations.”

Dr George Gaines, president of the corporation, is also fully backing the research.

He said: “What we have learned is reality is much bigger than we originally supposed.

“Things we can see and things we can’t see with our eyes or standard telescopes.

“The Santilli telescope allows us to see things that we have never seen before.”



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  • Anonymous338

    This is an interesting finding, and surely worthy of additional investigation via the scientific method.

    On a separate but related note, do keep in mind that the Santilli mafia possesses the most powerful nuclear tech on the planet, and Santilli himself is a f*cking mad man. For example, see trust me, I know him lmfao

    moreover, note that the santilli cartel includes (but may not be limited to) the following organizations:

    [1] MagneGas Corporation (

    [2] Thunder Energies Corporation (

    [3] International Committee on Scientific Ethics and Accountability (

    [4] Hadronic Press (

    [5] Santilli Foundation (

    in any case, this is also a magnegas video worth watching with good explosions and 50 caliber rifles lol

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