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WATCH: Extraordinary ‘fleet of UFOs’ seen again above same city a YEAR later


Fleet of UFOs was caught on camera for the second time. The first time happened 12 months before this event in Santiago, Chile.

The bizarre sight was recorded by shocked residents of Santiago, Chile earlier this month, but it has since emerged that almost identical UFOs were filmed over the city in the same week in December 2014.

In the latest footage, recorded over buildings in the city, a fleet of four elongated bright objects, that appear to be made up of individual orbs, seem to drift in formation across the night sky.

The five-minute video called Fantastic UFO Sighting In Santiago was posted to YouTube and Facebook and at first shows the objects close together before they split and later disappear.

A woman in the clip cannot contain her excitement at the events unfolding before her.

Some viewers were convinced they were alien crafts while others suggested they were drones being flown, Chinese lanterns or planes queuing to land at Santiago Airport.

But video that was reportedly recorded at the same time last year over the city has also emerged.

It shows a group of identical objects flying in a similar manner near a mountain outside the city.

The UFOOVNI YouTube channel posted the video called UFO Mothership Over Santiago, saying it was filmed from a city apartment.

One commenter who saw the video claims to have solved the mystery.

Posting as Stony Chondrite, they said: “Sorry if I disappoint you, (but) they are a Hawk (jets) squad of FACH (Chilean Airforce).

“As usual in December, they make (a) triangular formation resembling a large Christmas tree lights and even use coloured lights to emulate it.

Another poster seemed to back the theory, adding: “Sorry, but (it) is (the) operation of military planes.”

The seemingly logical explanation failed to convince Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, who blogged: “This UFO event is not unknown to Santiago, but is actually a yearly thing, when fleets of UFOs leave the underground base in the mountains along Santiago.

“I will place this week’s sighting video below, with last year’s below and you will see, that the mountain location, UFOs and timing are almost the same. It is a yearly event for aliens.”


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