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Chinese expedition came to America first?


All around the US, rocks with Chinese carvings have been discovered. This suggests that early explorers from China were the first ones to discover America.

According to the author and researcher John Ruskamp, the Chinese Shang king went on an expedition and landed in the New World. These carvings represent greetings for his visit. It seems that the Chinese expedition was just paying a visit and did not settle the area.

These carvings resemble an ancient Chinese script. It is assumed that these inscriptions were done by Chinese explorers thousands of years ago.

John Ruskamp came across these inscriptions during a stroll in the Petroglyph National Monument in Albuquerque, New Mexico. According to his interpretation, these serve as evidence that ancient people from Asia came to America nearly 2,800 years before Columbus. Based on the style of the scripts, these inscriptions are genuine and confirm that Chinese people were exploring and positively interacting with the Native peoples over 2,500 years ago.

Ruskamp recognized 84 pictograms, which are equivalent to unique ancient Chinese sites, in many locations across the US, including New Mexico, California, Oklahoma, Utah, Arizona and Nevada.

Inscriptions found in the rocks of Albuquerque correspond to an ancient script that was used by the Chinese after the end of Shang Dynasty. He stated that these depict a ritual sacrificial offering of a dog. Across America, he found symbols which represent number five and writing describing a boat upon water, ancient script for dogs, flowers, and the earth scratched onto the rocks in Petroglyph National Monument.

He also added that based on DNA evidence, it seems that Native Americans and Asian populations share many genetic traits.

However, his findings have been considered genuine by some and controversial by others.

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