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Warp engines of giant 1-km Alien ufo spacecraft exiting deep underground base caused New Zealand earthquake, blogger makes bizarre claim [Video]


The cause of the latest earthquake in New Zealand is believed to be of alien origin. It is claimed that a massive alien UFO spacecraft is responsible for the tremor.

An alien hunter has suggested sensationally that the earthquake that hit New Zealand on Monday was caused by a gigantic alien UFO spacecraft exiting a deep underground alien UFO base located near Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, regarded in enthusiast circles as a UFO hotspot.

According to UFO blogger Scott C. Waring in the latest post to his UFO Sightings Daily blog, the rumbling of the massive and powerful warp engines of an alien starship lifting off from a storage facility located deep beneath the ground near Christchurch triggered the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit the island nation in the south-western Pacific Ocean on Monday.

The earthquake may also have been triggered by the massive doorway to the underground base displacing a section of the earth’s crust as it opened, the alien hunter speculated.

Evidence that the earthquake was caused by a gigantic one-kilometer mothership UFO exiting a deep underground alien base comes from footage showing mysterious lights that appeared in the night sky over New Zealand during the earthquake, according to Waring.

The blue lights may have been navigational lights from a massive UFO revving to lift off to space from a deep underground storage facility.

“It had to have been a giant [UFO] about 1 km (long) for the opening to cause such an earthquake as it did,” the alien hunter argued. “Christchurch is a hotbed of UFO activity over the last five years, so this is really no surprise.”
Some enthusiasts who agreed with Waring that a UFO lifting off from an underground base might have caused the earthquake cited a testimony by a Christchurch resident who recalled that previous quakes rumbled for only a few seconds. However, Monday’s quake was very unusual because it “went on and on” for up to three minutes, as reported by CBS News.

Waring had claimed in a previous post that spacefaring alien races are known to maintain far-flung UFO storage facilities where they keep UFOs in a state of dormancy for hundreds, thousands, or even millions of years. The UFO blogger also claims that UFOs are often seen during and after earthquakes, but he admits that not all earthquakes are caused by UFOs exiting deep underground storage facilities.

According to Waring and fellow UFO hunters, UFOs are often seen during or after earthquakes because certain extraterrestrial species monitor Earth’s seismic and volcanic activity.

“UFOs are often seen during and after earthquakes, just like in this video below you see lights from a UFO that exited from the ground.”

A recent case involved an alleged UFO that appeared over Lecco in Lombardy, Italy, soon after an earthquake, according to UFO hunters.

Alien hunters claimed a link between the appearance of the alleged UFO and the series of earthquakes that hit the central Italy in recent months, killing about 300 people.

According to UFO hunters, including Waring, multiple reports of alien UFOs appearing before or soon after earthquakes prove that alien scientists are monitoring the recent dramatic increase in global seismic activity. Alien hunters claim that the appearance of UFOs could be an early warning signal of an imminent quake.

UFO hunters also claim some UFOs that appear before or soon after a quake are manned by benevolent alien species trying to help mankind.


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