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5,000 year-old underground city in Turkey – Video


A recent discovery of a huge 5,000 year-old underground city in Turkey is believed to be the largest underground city in the world.

This discovery has been made in the Nevşehir province of Turkey’s Central Anatolia region.

It has been estimated that the city is 5000 years old and it is positioned in the vicinity of the NevÅŸehir fortress. The area of the discovery belongs to the Cappadocia region, which is known for its underground habitation because the volcanic rock is easy to carve.

The discovery was made during the preparation work preceding the construction of a new part of the modern-day city. Because this underground city was discovered, all attention became focused on the excavations and any other construction work has stopped.

Until this moment, 44 historical objects have been removed and preserved so far.

In the following video you will find out more about this region and this discovery.

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