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Federal Agent shares shocking details about Michael Jackson’s death – Video


MK-Ultra is a secret mind control program conducted by the U.S. Government. It was even involved with the music industry. Michael Jackson had been targeted by the Illuminati.

Former government agent released a video in which he said that he was involved in the plan to murder Michael Jackson.

Based on this video, Michael Jackson had a phone conversation with his manager. Michael Jackson expressed his fears that someone is trying to get rid of him and that those people are beyond the Government. The complete audio recording of this phone conversation is a part of this video.

A day after this phone call happened, the famous pop singer was found dead. After it was concluded that Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray had given him a lethal dose of profanol, he was arrested.

LaToya Jackson expressed her concerns that Conrad Murray operated under the instructions of other people who were controlling him. Those people are the ones responsible for the death of Michael Jackson.

However, it is unknown who these people are. According to one theory, it is believed that these people are the illuminati. Illuminati is a secret society which originates from the 18th century. It is still believed that they exist and operate in order to control population and powerful institutions in preparation for the New World Order.

Popular belief is that all major musicians and in some cases Hollywood are under the control of the Illuminati.  It is believed that actors Heath Ledger, Chris Penn and David Caradine were killed by Illuminati.

However, there is an explanation for every alleged sign of the Illuminati‘s existence. Popular singers like Lady Gaga or Beyoncé use their hands to form the pyramid which is held over an eye. This sign represents a few ruling over many over the all-seeing eye. And this gesture is as common as the peace sign. It does not necessarily prove the existence of the Illuminati.


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