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Mysterious light appears throughout the world

unknown lights

Mysterious light coming from the sky and different structures has been photographed and captured on video.

Such light is described as a beam of light shooting from the sky like a giant searchlight. This light seems to be searching the landscape.

The following video serves to prove that this can’t just be a camera malfunction or natural phenomena.

One possible explanation could be that the sun’s solar radiation interacts deep within the Earth’s magnetic field conforming to the planet’s magnetic lines. The light we see could represent ionized particles charged from the sun’s solar wind.

People observed a sunrise during a flight from San Francisco to Phoenix on August 17, 2015. First, they thought that they were looking at a sunrise.

However, they also saw that sun emanates a streak of light which ends up in a circle, like a wormhole or portal. Also, a yellow unknown object was observed above the sun. The unknown object could be a UFO or a Second Sun.

Some people believe that there is the connection between these cases and Nibiru/Planet X.

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