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US researcher: Paris attacks carried out by professional commandos


During a phone interview, Dr. Randy Short revealed his conclusion on Paris attacks. According to this researcher and historian, these crimes were performed by professional commandos.

Even though Daesh (ISIL) terrorists took responsibility for the attacks, it is unlikely the truth.

Dr. Randy Short stated that the French, British, the Americans and the Israelis are those with the best knowledge on how to perform professional attacks.

On the other hand, CIA Director John Brennan revealed that the agency was familiar with the plans of Daesh terrorists to engage in terrorist attacks in Europe.

However, Dr. Short is not surprised by this statement because Daesh is a direct product of al-Qaeda.

He also revealed that the US led an Operation Gladio with the purpose of conducting terror against European citizens in order to force them to vote away their rights in turn for being protected from communist or nationalistic terrorism.

Moreover, he is quite convinced that France and other European countries are capable of tracking those responsible for this.

He concluded that the Dash terrorists do not have essential capabilities to perform such highly coordinated and efficient attacks.

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