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Unusual stone structure discovered on Mars


UFO researchers discovered evidence of a strange stone structure on Mars similar to the one found in Angkor Wat in Cambodia. further revealed that Scott C Waring found the temple. He posted two pictures together in order to emphasize the similarity. He said: “I found these two interesting pyramid shaped structures side by side.

“The smaller one has one side open and you see a figure sitting in it with a flat backing sticking up behind its head.

“A lot of Buddha statues here in Taiwan have that larger one has a tall grandfather bearded face in it. Then, there is the third face.

“Can you see it? Its built into the side of the larger pyramid. Its shaped like a moon with a face.

“They look like ancient deities created for worship, and are facing the direction of the rising or setting sun.”

His discovery joins a long growing list of recent spots in NASA pictures taken by its Curiosity Rover droid.

The rover, a four-wheel-drive, remote controlled robot is exploring Mars for the US space agency, testing samples of the surface and sending back pictures, which are then beamed back and placed on line for all the world to see.

Alien hunters have spotted an array of objects or life forms in and among the pictures, which they claim NASA denies the existence of.

Some of the latest finds are a “live bear”, alien beings, fossils, homes and even a wet patch left by water.

NASA refuses to comment on individual discoveries, but has blamed the array of anomalies on pareidolia – a phenomenon that means the brain tricks they eye into seeing familiar objects or shapes in patterns and textures – meaning the mouse, the new Bayan temple and everything else, would be just odd-shaped rocks seen by vivid imaginations.

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