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Unknown details: Here’s why the aliens abducted people


A ufologist decided to come forward with the real details about the alien abductions. According to him, the truth is really shocking.

Dr David Jacobs – who has been devoted to the cause since 1973 – has lifted the lid on the mysterious incidents.

The retired US professor of history, at Temple University, described the “complex series of events” where aliens “probe and examine” people’s bodies.

So-called abductees are first taken into a waiting room where they are forced to remove their clothes in preparation for the examination, he claims.

Aliens reportedly approach humans with instruments and tools before they carry out the tests on brain and spine.

Dr Jacobs said: “The examination is bizarre.

“It usually entails aliens running their fingers over a person’s body.

“What exactly is accomplished by this is unknown.”

But the top UFO expert busted myths that examinations are the reason for reported kidnappings.

He added: “For years, researchers thought that the examination was the reason for an abduction.

“It allowed them to think of the abduction phenomenon as a ‘study’ or ‘experiment’.

“In fact, the examination, while taking place during most abductions, is seldom the reason for an abduction.

“Rather it is usually a preliminary procedure accomplished before the abduction’s main purpose.”

Sometimes abductees are brought in for sex, he said.

But Dr Jacobs said this doesn’t mean there is a “particular sexual interest from the aliens”.

Kidnapped humans then reportedly undergo an “intense” staring procedure where the aliens force images into their head.

It appears to give extraterrestrial life the ability to “enter” abductees’ heads, he claimed.

The author of The UFO Conspiracy in America said: “Mind scan is a staring procedure in which an alien peers directly into an abductee’s eyes from a distance of a few inches or less.

“The abductee cannot close his eyes or avert his own gaze.

“Abductees report having a variety of emotional states and seeing images.”

The top professor revealed there is “evidence” that aliens use the mind scan to “harvest” eggs and sperm from abductees.

And the act is often mistaken for sex, he claimed.

Dr. Jacobs explained: “The alien prompts sexual stimulation to a high degree and then at a specific moment begins an internal procedure in which an egg is harvested.

“For women it involves the introduction of instruments that take either recently matured eggs or invade the ovary for follicles.

“There is some evidence to suggest that aliens can accomplish rapid egg maturation and release through mind scan for harvesting processes.

“For men, sperm is extracted mechanically by a device placed around the genital area.”

The retired professor made these claims on his “trustworthy” website which is “straight talk about UFO abductions”.



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