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United Nations 2030 agenda imposes the use of biometric identification cards

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A part of the United Nations 2030 agenda is providing people with biometric identification cards. Information from these cards will be stored in a central database in Geneva.

This Agenda set numerous goals to be achieved by 2030, and birth registration is one of them.

This technology will be used by UNHCR to track refugees. Company Accenture won the tendering process and their technology will be used for this purpose.

Company Accenture is going to implement their Biometric Identity Management System (BIMS). This system can successfully gather facial, iris, and fingerprint biometric data. It will also serve as a unique form of official documentation for refugees.

The plan is to use this unique form of biometric identification for identification of all people. This plan will be implemented by the year 2030.

As 1.8 billion adults around the world have no official documentation, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees teamed up with Accenture to solve the issue. The initiative for Development (ID4D) supports this plan to provide legal identity to those without it.

This initiative was started by the World Bank. Under the Sustainable Development Goals, digital ID-based services should be given to all people around the world.

This new practice never said anything about refusing this legal identification. If a person refuses to take an ID, will the society consider this person a pariah?

The main idea behind this agenda is to put details about everyone into the system so the elite can use it for their sole benefit.

Another example of imposing rules is the idea of a world without cash. Banks in Sweden have started removing ATMs. The idea of a cashless society benefits banks because they will conduct every economic activity.

As these changes alter the world in a way that only suits the elite, people must be aware of the latest developments.


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