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Underwater Extraterrestrials: Declassified Russian Navy Records Say They’re Real


From time to time you can hear that somebody spotted a UFO, but try to remember how often you hear about the USOs.

Not too often, right? USOs are unidentified submerged objects with a technology on an exceptionally high level of development. For us, these objects are hard to detect, and even harder to understand.

There is a Soviet document that has recently been declassified, and it contains information about numerous USO cases. For example, there was a case when a nuclear submarine in the Southern Pacific spotted six unidentified objects moving extremely fast in a formation. Their speed was five times the speed of the fastest Soviet submarine.

It was documented that this unusual formation followed the submarine until it surfaced, and flew away after that.

This was not the only case of encountering with underwater alien ship. A retired submarine commander, Yuri Beketov, remembers when his submarine had a breakdown because the unidentified object was close to the submarine. This event occurred in the region of the Bermuda Triangle.

And in other cases, instrument malfunctions were reported. Beketov explains that the submarines could detect unbelievable speed of those objects, describing it as absolutely unnatural for the marine environment. The only explanation for such high speed was that those objects were not built by humans.

Many encounters with USOs and UFOs happened in the locations where military performs its actions, leading to the conclusion that aliens were interested in mundane military equipment.

The deep waters of the Lake of Baikal turned out to be another suitable location for the USO encounters. People recall cases when something mysteriously dragged swimmers into the deep water.

There is another case related to the Lake of Baikal. This case was described in another document which depicts military divers running into humanoids in silver suits, while training in the lake. This report says that three divers didn’t survive this encounter.

Vladimir Azhazha, the former naval officer and Russian UFO researcher, thinks that there is no room for skepticism. He says that people must be open to all possibilities and that should carefully investigate these cases.


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