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Description of seven chakras of the Earth


There are seven chakras of our planet Earth. Each has its own energy.

Chakra number 1 – The Root or Mooladhara Chakra is located in Mt. Shasta in California. Energy within this chakra is considered to be primal. It is believed that life force is gathered here, before it transforms into life.

Chakra number 2 – The Sexual Chakra or Swadhistana is located in Lake Titicaca Peru/Bolivia. The representation of this energy is The Plumed Serpent. Here, our primal energy is brought into form.

Chakra number 3 – The Manipura or the Solar Plexus Chakra is located in Ayers rock in Australia along with Kata Tjuta. Legends of Aboriginal people were born here. Kata Tjuta and Uluru rock are considered to be sister rock formations. According to the legend of Aborigines, this is where the legend from the umbilical cord of the planet will be realized.

Chakra number 4  – This chakra represents the Heart Chakra. Another name for it is Anahata. It is located in Glastonbury, Somerset and Shaftesbury, Dorset. This chakra represents the home of holy grail. This is where we should release energy from our hearts and guide it into earth.

Chakra number 5 – The name of this chakra is the Throat or Vissuddha Chakra. It is located in the Great Pyramids near Mt. Sanai and Mt. Olives in the Middle East. This chakra is in line with the earth’s land mass. Anything that is currently happening in the Middle East is considered the planet’s cry and call for help.

Chakra number 6 – It is also known as Third Eye Chakra or the Pineal Gland. Because this chakra has the ability to move from one place to another, it is believed that it is somewhere in Western Europe. Extra-dimensional energy enters our world via this chakra. It also identifies other dimensions and realities.

Chakra number 7 – This chakra is located in Mt. Kailas in the Himalayas in Tibet. It is known under several names, like the Crown Chakra or Sahasrara, the Thousand Petaled Lotus, the Highest Energy Center. This chakra located in Mt. Kailas serves as a link between the planet and its spiritual destiny.

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