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UK X-Files: Classified UFO docs which ‘prove aliens exist’ to be released in days


The public will have an insight into classified UFO docs named ‘British X-Files’ in a few days.

It seems that the British disclosure movement – the long-awaited boost for alien hunters – will become a reality as people around the world, who want to know the truth behind UFO sightings and the presence of extraterrestrial life on Earth, will be able to take a closer look at top-secret documents of the British government regarding alien life and UFOs.

UFO researchers have been engaged in a 30-year-long fight for the release of 18 top secret Ministry of Defense (MoD) files about UFO sightings. The government had to answer claims linking them to a cover-up from conspiracy theorists after the release of highly classified documents was stalled nearly three years ago.

In the views of UFO researchers, the top-secret files are the ultimate piece of evidence suggesting extraterrestrial lifeforms have been visiting our planet. The documents allegedly also provide insight into the famous yet controversial sighting that took place in the Rendlesham Forest. In addition, UFO researchers believe that the documents contain numerous reports of unexplained lights and the alleged landing of one or more Alien craft in Suffolk in late December 1980.

However, it is still unclear when the documents –  which are set to be released to the National Archives –  will be available to the public.

“The National Archives will make the necessary judgement about when they release these files to the public.”

Previously, a number of UFO files that were withheld by the UK Government were released to the public detailing UFO sightings and reports by military officials and the police.



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