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UFOS GET CRAZY: ‘Ten-mile mothership’, ‘angel by sun’ and ‘flying saucer obscured by cloud


A lot of people claim to have seen a UFO. All these people have witnessed a different sighting. According to them, UFOs can be observed in various shapes and sizes.

First up is a “10-mile wide” UFO mothership gliding across the Earth’s atmosphere as seen from the International Space Station (ISS) livestream.

Never one to disappoint when it comes to challenging theories, Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily blog site released the footage to YouTube under the title “Ten-mile UFO seen moving across Earth from space station June 8, 2016”.

Looking remarkably like a circular-shaped cloud, Mr Waring claims to be convinced it is actually a huge UFO hidden inside a cloud – a technique UFO buffs describe as cloaking.

He blogged: “This UFO does have a cloud-like appearance, test it is a perfect disc that is seven to ten miles in diameter. The cloud appearance is the perfect illusion to hide behind.”

So how could he be sure it contained a UFO?

He added: “Who would possibly question that a cloud is anything other than a cloud…except me of course.

“My decades of experience and my in-depth research into past sightings has taught me that not all clouds are clouds.”

Mr Waring got one or two online nods from die-hard supporters, but most viewers were not convinced.

One said: “I clicked this link to see a cloud? Wow.”

Next up is a planet-sized so-called “Angel UFO” that Mr Waring and other alien conspiracy theorists claim is a planet-sized space craft sucking solar energy from our Sun.

The “winged” shape is in a NASA telescopic image of the sun – and follows similar ones which have been held up over the past year.

YouTube channel Streetcap 1 was responsible for the video “Angel UFO Returns”

In turn, Mr Waring has analysed the video.

He said: “Its concerns me more, because I have noticed that the frequency of the sightings near our sun are increasing drastically.

“It’s a well known fact that government scientists around the world know about it and are trying to keep it secret as to not cause a world-wide panic.

“It’s easy to make out the angelic wings of the craft, the head area, the tail area. It wont be long until we find out who is flying these UFOs or even get to board them. This is a UFO that spans miles from wing tip to wing tip. How could NASA not know about it?”

Now, back to clouds.

UFOvni2012 posted a video to YouTube suggesting the snaps of a strange-shaped cloud are proof that UFOs can create clouds around themselves to hide in.

Mr Waring again provided the analysis.

He said: “Its a well known fact that not only do UFOs hide in clouds, but they actually create the cloud around them.”

He said the “amazing set of photos” was “groundbreaking to prove that UFOs do make clouds.” There have been mixed views.

Tania Tazzie posted on his website she could see another, smaller cloaked UFO in the pictures. But, Philip Poillon said: “I have better UFO photos then this…this is just a big thunderhead cloud.”


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