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Rare sighting of Lenticular Clouds


On May 25 uncommon lenticular clouds were observed over Leon and Robertson counties in eastern Texas. This rare sighting started a lot of theories about UFO, NORAD and HAARP since meteorologist failed to give logical explanation.

The initial guess that it was the shape of an UFO was swiftly dismissed by meteorologist. Meteorologists clarified that lenticular clouds are uncommon in plain areas and typical in mountain areas and that is why its occurrence sparked a lot of interest in the media.

These unusual clouds are usually made after strong winds force moisture droplets up the steep slope of mountains. As the droplets are condensed into clouds, it creates unusual shapes resembling one of a saucer. Meteorologist said that strong winds caused them.
Nonetheless, some people held onto the theories that it was a UFO while others insisted that it was a classic HAARP and NORAD weather manipulation.

High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, typically known as HAARP serves to study the possibility of ionospheric enhancement technology in radio communications and surveillance.

But people are claiming that the real purpose of this project is to experiment with weather manipulation in order to cause floods, floods, drought, hurricanes, and earthquakes.


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