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UFO recorded near the International Space Station


UFO researchers claim that the International Space Station is regularly visited by UFOs. The latest sighting of a donut shaped alien flying craft is another evidence of this.

Scott C Waring further revealed that this alien flying craft looks like a typical flying disk. Similar flying objects were observed in the past near the ISS.

Previous footage of other UFOs captured on the ISS cameras were posted online by a YouTube user Streetcap1.

One of the UFOs was captured just above the Earth’s atmosphere at a really high speed. UFO researcher agreed that this horizontal flying shape must be an alien space craft.

Apart from those who see UFOs in every unusual thing, those who are hardly convinced in the existence of UFOs are not so convinced by these videos and the following commentary.

These people say that any object observed at that distance could belong to satellites, meteorites, or gases.

NASA typically did not provide any comment on this.


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