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UFO phenomenon will be analyzed on a scientific level – VIDEO


A new website, which will be discussing the latest UFO news, was set up by a team of scientists. The official address of this website is The team wants to approach the topic of UFOs on a scientific level.

The Search for Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life Institute (SETI) is already looking for any source of alien frequencies coming from planets, stars and distant universes.

However, the Ufodata will specifically look into the issue of the flying saucers and other UFO sightings.

The people behind this website plan to use high-resolution digital camera technologies, scientific instrumentation, powerful, low-cost computing platforms, and high-speed internet access to seek for anomalies in the sky.

They also have to establish a monitoring station, which will be used for the purpose of finding the evidence of UFOs and other related sightings. These stations will capture everything, including spectra, microwave and other radiation and other relevant data.

Obtained data will be further analyzed by experts in order to find specific proof to support the science of UFO phenomena.

If they succeed in their plans, they will obtain enough scientific evidence to provide an adequate explanation of the nature of UFOs.

Mark Rodeghier and Alexander Wendt want to use today’s advanced technology to monitor the skies and find the needed answers.

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