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UFO hunter says he saw ‘time-traveling aliens’ leaving Earth through wormhole on ISS live stream, in latest bizarre claim


According to a claim by a UFO hunter, time-traveling aliens were recently observed. It appears that they left the Earth through a wormhole.

A giant beam of green light shooting out from Earth could be a trail left behind during the departure of time-traveling aliens, UFO hunters claim.

The light, supposedly captured by Nasa during a live stream from the International Space Station on Sunday, is claimed to be hundreds of miles wide.

In two bizarre explanations, the conspiracy theorist proposes that the ‘energy beam’ has come from a UFO leaving the ocean, or that it may be a wormhole used to transport aliens through time.

A mysterious object emerging just above Earth’s horizon, followed by the appearance of a glowing beam was spotted during a live Nasa UStream from the ISS.

In the footage, the round object can be seen just to the left of centre. It stays in one position for a short time before ascending upward and off-screen.

Sightings of this kind are not uncommon, and Nasa has spoken out in the past to explain that the ‘UFOs’ and other phenomena spotted in the ISS footage often have simple explanations.

Earlier this month, a Nasa spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘Reflections from station windows, the spacecraft structure itself or lights from Earth commonly appear as artefacts in photos and videos from the orbiting laboratory.’

The skies above the home planet are becoming increasingly busy, with communications and research satellites collecting and relaying data for modern life.

The most recent claim comes days after another ‘craft’ was spotted in an ISS live feed just before the transmission mysteriously went down.

It has prompted debate among conspiracy theorists who believe the feed was cut intentionally as part of an alien cover-up being conducted by Nasa.

In the clip, a glowing horseshoe-shaped object appears to be floating toward the ISS while rotating on the horizon.

The feed is then apparently cut for around an hour before it resumes and a much smaller white light can be seen in the distance.

Conspiracy theorists say this may be the same craft that has since moved away – dismissing the idea that it could be lens flare or even the moon.


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