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UFO frenzy sparked after pilot posts this picture of strange-looking craft in night sky


A photograph of a possible UFO was posted on Facebook. An unusual flying craft lit by red lights can be clearly observed in this photograph.

Christiaan van Heijst took this photo and posted it online.

The keen amateur snapper wrote on the social networking site: “Flying 1000ft below an Airbus 380 at night, its contrails illuminated by its own lights.”

Mr van Heijst said the picture of the passenger jet was taken in Luxembourg.

Even when his Facebook friends commented earlier this month it could be a UFO he hit back saying: “I could almost see the people in the cabin…never doubted it was of this world.”

While some news outlets ran the picture as a sensational image of a plane, a week later it was picked up by a Luxembourg news website which suggested the incident had “left him with the impression of seeing an alien spacecraft.”

Once the story was online it went vital among UFO sites with some suggesting it was proof of alien visitations.

Scott C Waring, editor of UFO Sightings Daily, even suggested the pilot was wrong that he had seen an Airbus.

He wrote: “This UFO was caught by a pilot over Luxembourg. He saw the UFO and took a photo, which is confusing since he believes it’s an Airbus A380.

“It’s a UFO plain and simple.”

One Hungarian outlet’s version of the story was so off-the-mark, according to Mr Van Heijst, he today posted on Facebook: “Unfortunately this Hungarian site turned it into a complete nonsense-UFO article and fabricated a whole story around it, still using my name and photo numerous times.

“For the viewers who came here after reading that article; Please know that this is a completely made-up story and has no truth in it whatsoever, nor did I co-operate in any of this.”

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