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UFO appeared in India, Brazil and China at the same time? – VIDEO


The latest UFO appearance was captured in numerous photographs. According to a witness, Lincoln Liba, a UFO appeared in the sky unexpectedly. At that very moment, a rainbow appeared as well.

Other people in Imphal, India, also reported the UFO sighting.

This unusual occurrence that resembles a UFO could actually be a formation of lenticular clouds.

Even though this is the most logical explanation, people still believe that they saw a UFO.

People captured very similar photos around the world. The same UFO was allegedly spotted in Brazil, China and other places. How is this even possible?

Some even suggested that the images with the UFO were photoshopped.

Alien researcher Scott C Waring also said that these images could be fake because, based on his experience, UFOs don’t have any design on them. He saw UFOs on many occasions and this one does not resemble anything that he saw in the past.

Nonetheless, many still believe that these photographs represent a genuine alien visit.


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