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Triangle-shaped UFO captured in official photographs of Apollo mission – VIDEO


Thousands of photographs were uploaded online by the US space agency. The evidence of UFOs has already been discovered in some photos.

These photographs show the period when the first human step on the Moon took place and were taken during the Apollo missions. In one of these photographs, the mysterious triangular lights are described as evidence of a UFO.

This UFO was even compared to a secretly developed high-tech space craft known as TR-3B craft.

According to UFO researchers, these photographs show numerous mysterious objects on the Moon.

When the mysterious triangle-shaped UFO is in question, the photographs were seen by many people around the world. Some people believe that the object in the photo is nothing but the secret military technology, while others consider it the evidence that aliens exist.

This is another piece of evidence that astronauts in NASA’s Apollo missions were never alone during their missions to the Moon.

Many people are genuinely convinced that this image of a triangle-shaped UFO is true.

Two other photographs with similar findings were also uncovered by the UFO researchers.

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