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Top 15 places you’re not allowed to visit on Earth

coca cola vault

While it might seem that a person could go anywhere he or she likes because people are free to do so, that is not the case. There are certain places in the world that are not available to the public.

RAF Menwith Hill, UK – It is considered as the most cryptic complex in Europe. It is used for monitoring, communication and intelligence purposes of several countries in Europe.

The Bohemian Groove – The site can be found somewhere in California. The precise location is unknown. However, it is believed that it spreads across 2,700-acres. This privately owned club under the name of the Bohemian Club is the men-only club. The most influential people like Richard Nixon and Herbert Hoover are accepted in its ranks. Rumor has it that members gather every summer for a two-week camp in the woods.

Snake Island – This remote island is inhabited by deadly snakes. It is estimated that a number of 4,000 most venomous snakes lives on this island. The Brazilian Government does not allow access to this island because the snake’s venom can actually dissolve human flesh.

The Coca-Cola Vault – The secret of the coca-cola recipe is hidden behind the steel door of this vault. The real formula of the world’s favorite drink is known by just a few people.

Fort Knox – is used for storing the amounts of the nation’s gold reserves. The level of security is very high at the Fort Knox. The visitors are kept away by by around 30,000 soldiers and a flotilla of attack helicopters. In addition to this, a 22-ton blast-proof door protects the precious reserves in the Gold-Vault.

The Svalbard Seed Vault – As the name itself reveals its purpose, this vault is used to store the seeds that could be used in case of a disastrous environmental cataclysm. The location of this vault is known and it can be found in the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen near Longyearbyen in the remote Arctic Svalbard archipelago.

The Vatican’s Secret Archive – The bookworms would love to visit one of the largest libraries in the world. However, the visit to this secretive place is just wishful thinking. Only several people have access to the sacred books behind the doors of Vatican Secret Archive. It is said that proff of alien visitation is kept locked behind these doors.

Pine Gap Australia – This is a high-tech spy facility located in Central Australia. It is run by the Australian Government and the Central Intelligence Agency. Planes are not allowed to fly above this highly secretive facility.

The Lascaux Caves, France – Ancient cave paintings are located in these caves. Some of these paintings are believed to be over 17,000 years old. The access to these caves is forbidden since 1963.

The Mormon Church Secret Vault – This vault hides the majority of Mormon documents and data on genealogy and family history of Americans. It is believed that it hides more than 3 BILLION pages of data. Some parts of it can be visited in occasional tours.

Room 39 North Korea – This location is also known as Bureau 39 and is located in North Korea. The Room 39 is used for secretive operations such as money laundering operations and other similar operations. Ever since it was established in 1970, it allegedly has over 20 bank accounts in Switzerland and China. It also counts more than 130 trading companies that are used and supervised by Kim Jong-un.

Mezhgorye, Russia – This secretive and highly guarded location is considered as a Russian secret nuclear missile site. The place is under heavy protection of two battalions permanently deployed at the location. In case of a nuclear emergency, automatic ballistic missiles can be activated remotely.

Disney Club 33 – This is yet another highly secretive, member’s only club. If you get to be lucky enough to be admitted after waiting on the list for 14 years, get ready to pay $40,000 initiation fee and the annual fee of $27,000. Again, this club is very secretive and its members are Presidents of the United States, business leaders, and actors.

Google Datacenter – Your personal data is located in this center. Yes, you read this correctly. Trillions of records of our DATA gathered by Google is stored in this high-security location.

Area 51 – The story behind Area 51 is familiar to many. Even though people are familiar with the alleged stories that are being said about the Area 51, no man has access to it. This facility is situated in Nevada, some 80 miles from downtown Las Vegas. It is said that this base is used for research and development of experimental aircraft and weaponry.

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