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Details about secret societies


There are many mysteries in this world. We are aware of their existence, but lack many details regarding their origin, purpose and whether they still exist. The following is a list of ten secret societies surrounded by a veil of mystery.

Blackwater  – is a corporate army which is publicly funded, but accounts to private entities. To those who acquire and pay for their services, they offer infantry, navy and police enforcement. Because this is not governmentally owned association, they are called in to solve secretive disputes, like controlling the survivors of Hurricane Katrina.

The Order of the Skull & Bones – is a society of Ivy League students devoted to influencing the next generation of the power elite. The most influential names on their list of members include Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Bush.

The Freemasons – This secret fraternity permit their members to invite new members or reveal their secret handshakes, passwords and odd rituals. In order to advance in seniority within the organization, everything must be kept within the organization.

Rosicrucians – This Christian fellowship was founded in the 1400’s by 8 doctors, alchemists and sages. Their mission was to provide health care to anyone in need. Each member appoints a successor which replaces them after they pass away.

Ordo Templis Orientis – The Order of the Temples of the East was established as a branch of the Masons. When Aleister Crowley became its leader, everything was changed fundamentally.

Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn – The Masonic and Rosicrucian traditions gave birth to this occult group. Order’s activities included spell-casting, astrology, astral travel, crystal balls and potions.

The Knights Templar – They were founded nearly thousand years ago to watch for pilgrims in the holy land.

The Illuminati – is a secret society which consists of many groups. People often link them to conspiracy theories.

Opus Dei – works under the wing of the Catholic Church. It is believed that they act like they are superior to other Christians.

The Black Hand – This secret society was created in 1911 in the Balkans. Their goal was to free the Serbian people from the rule of Austro-Hungarian. Their mission was to assassinate the heir to the Austrian throne, Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

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