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This is the real truth, Jupiter does not orbit around the Sun


According to astronomers from the European Southern Observatory (ESO), the planet Jupiter does not revolve around the Sun.

However, Jupiter is still a part of our solar system. Researchers discovered that Jupiter’s size is 2.5 times heavier than all the solar system’s planets combined.

It appears that Jupiter’s center of gravity is located just above the sun’s surface.

When a large planet like Jupiter is observed in comparison to a smaller planet, it appears as if the planet does not move at all.

However, since scientists discovered that the center of gravity between the gas giant and our sun is not located within the Sun, the scientists had to offer a new explanation.

Researchers concluded that both massive Jupiter’s and our sun orbit around the same point in space which is located 1.07 solar radii away from the center of the sun.

The following illustration represents this discovery:

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