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This is a group of people who claim to have children with aliens


There are people who are convinced that aliens are making them pregnant in order to create a race of human-alien hybrids.

The US-based Hybrid Children Community, is trying to recruit more parent breeders, in a bid top “evolve” the human race into a new sub-species which will take over the Earth when the children currently conveniently housed on giant space ships “return to our planet”.

The community was founded by Sharon McCormick, aged in her 60s, and former marketing executive Miss Nielsen.

Bridget Nielsen, 27, from Sedona, Arizona, is a hybrid mum and medium who charges $65 (£46) for an over the phone session to put parents, who believe they may have conceived hybrid children, in touch with they offspring, according to the community’s website.

Describing sex with a lizard being on a spaceship, she said: “It was great. It was an incredible super primal, super raw, super primal sexual experience. She said: “They are not just taking our children – they are creating a hybrid race to better humanity.”

Another young hybrid mum is Aluna Verse, from Los Angeles, California. Ms Verse, a computer game designer who claims to have three hybrids, says she was taken on board a spaceship in a “dream state” and she has vivid memories of the sex. “I was very surprised. We’re making love in this classroom in front of everyone. Everyone turned their attention to us.

Between them Bridget and Aluna claim to have 13 children fathered by aliens.

The website, which also charges for other similar sessions and asks for donations, says there are millions of hybrid parents on Earth who have conceived children with aliens either through artificial insemination or full sex, and many remain unaware.

In an almost cult-like move, the group say they are planning to establish a property where they can live together as a safe place for their children to visit.

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