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The witness of the massacre in Paris: The terrorists with white faces acted as special army

The attack at Le Belle Equipe

A witness revealed how ISIS gunmen slaughtered 20 people without any emotion. According to Mahoud Admo, who witnessed this carnage at a Parisian restaurant, the gunmen just fired and reloaded the machine gun without a word.

The attack on Le Belle Equipe was just one among many others that happened in Paris during one night. ISIS took the responsibility for killing at least 127 people and injuring a lot more.

Mahoud Admo was staying at a hostel located just opposite the Le Belle Equipe. People were just sitting in the bar and enjoying a good meal when a black Mercedes pulled up. The window of the vehicle were tinted, but he managed to see a driver who was not wearing a mask. Shortly after, the driver left the vehicle and started shooting people who were sitting outside the bar.

Later he moved on inside the restaurant and started shooting more people.

The witness tried to take a picture of the gunman, but he saw his attempt. After he killed all at the restaurant, he fired more bullets at the windows in the street in order to prevent people from filming his horrible act.

The whole massacre lasted approximately six minutes.

According to Mahoud Admo’s description, the shooter was a white male with short dark hair and a clean shaven face. He wore black clothes and a red scarf. He had a strong body typical of some who lifts weights.

By the way he behaved calmly and without any expression of emotion or remorse, the witness concluded that he might have been a soldier or a mercenary. Both shooters were heavily armed and left the crime scene without a word. They drove off towards the direction of the Bataclan Theatre.

Five minutes later the ambulance cars started arriving and giving medical attention to those injured. The bodies of those who did not survive the attack were laid on the street and covered with blankets.

Another witness is a 24-year-old Fatiha Toun. She was waiting for a bus when she heard screams and gun fires. Another witness is a 27-year-old Tobias Ramsie, who just hid in a nearby shop and prayed to God for his life.

Other attacks happened in Le Carillon bar and Le Petit Cambodge restaurant.

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