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The truth about the Titanic is hidden because it was a Masonic conspiracy


The Titanic sank in 1912 and caused the death of 1,500 people who were on board. All those held responsible for this tragedy were absolved, including the captain and the owners of the ship’s White Star Line.

Based on the latest claims influenced by the publication of a secret archive of Freemasons, it is believed that Freemasons were involved in the investigation of the sinking of the Titanic. These documents revealed the names of the members of the Establishment who were a part of the investigation into the Titanic’s sinking.

200 years of British history could be questioned after the secret archives are published online by genealogy service Ancestry.

The investigation concluded that the small number of lifeboats was installed on the Titanic due to lax regulations. The British Board of Trade was held responsible for this, but they were exonerated by Lord Mersey.

It was revealed that Lord Mersey and Board of Trade president Sydney Buxton were both Freemasons. A specialist in naval architecture John Harvard Biles and the senior engineer assessor Edward Chaston were also members.

All these people were a part of the official investigation and they were also members of the same Freemason society.

Lord Pirrie was also listed among the many names of Freemasons. He was a chairman of the company in Belfast which built the Titanic and one of the directors of the White Star’s parent company.

Titanic expert Nic Compton revealed that the investigation on Titanic’s sinking is considered a complete cover-up because all those considered liable were exonerated.

Another shocking discovery revealed in these archives is that the identity of Jack the Ripper was kept a secret by Masons because he was also a member. This was supported by the director and screenwriter Bruce Robinson, who claims that the symbol of Masonic ritual was discovered in all Ripper killings.

Bruce Robinson named the Whitechapel murderer as Michael Maybrick. Michael Maybrick was a singer who was a member of the St Andrew’s Lodge from 1863 until 1887.

These archives revealed that Maybrick and his brother James were Masons. A characteristic of Freemasonry is that members protect each other and the brotherhood, no matter the crime.

And that is how the identity of Jack the Ripper was never revealed, even though he committed monstrous crimes.

These archives also revealed that many members of Scotland Yard were also members of the Freemasons. Many people involved in the investigation of Ripper killings were also Freemasons, including the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Charles Warren and three of the police doctors.

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