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The theory of man-made global warming is outdated – VIDEO


Earth’s oceans and atmosphere went through changes and the reason behind it is not man-made global warming.

According to James Kamis, the temperature of the Pacific Ocean increased, as well as the atmospheric temperature, while the temperature of the Atlantic Ocean is dropping.

As the atmospheric temperature remained almost the same for 18.7 years, melting of ice caps is not caused by global warming.

He added that cooling of the Atlantic Ocean is not solely caused by the outflow of melted ice cap water from Greenland.

Based on NASA’s research called Operation Ice Bridge, it can be concluded that Greenland’s ice is melting in parts closely located to the ocean. Areas which emit geothermal heat are the cause of the greatest ice loss.

In addition to this, the amount of Arctic Ocean sea ice has been enlarged in the last three years.

The heat from ancient volcanic eruptions and geothermal heat flow from beneath the surface are causing the Greenland Ice cap loss.

Based on the current climate trends, many climate scientists are looking into other causes of climate changes. The previously believed theory of a man-made global warming slowly becomes obsolete due to the rise of new information.

Kamis calls for a different kind of approach to studying climate trends.

However, other scientists opposed to this view. According to a climate scientist of Pennsylvania State University, Michael Mann, warming is occurring a lot faster than the models estimated.


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